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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The number one reason that anyone and everyone should try hypnotherapy is that our thoughts influence our DNA.

That idea might at first be a little difficult to accept. We like to think that we control our lives and what happens to our body is either genetic or accidental. We tell ourselves that we can plow through difficult situations and that angry words do no harm as we're just blowing off steam.

In fact, our thoughts affect our DNA directly. In his landmark book, "The Biology of Belief,” stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton painstakingly proves that “It’s actually our beliefs that select our genes.” He shows how a cell functions independently of DNA and how the cell’s perceptions of environmental stimuli affect DNA. He then applies the same principles to the human body as a whole, revealing the power our perceptions and beliefs have over DNA.”

Here is a link to an article summarizing his famous book, as well as a link to the book itself.

As a hypnotherapist, I recommend Lipton's book to medical support clients because it proves scientifically what I have experienced throughout my life: that my thoughts equal my environment. My thoughts, in fact, are my environment.

If you have attended one of my workshops, then you know that 95% of the mind's activity is directed by the subconscious. And that means, most of what we think is interpretation, not fact. However, we take this interpretation literally, as if it were fact. Yet most of our perception is based on beliefs we’ve learned or acquired through experience - and not all of those beliefs systems are positive or good for the body.

I learned early in my adult life that my thoughts affect my biology when I acquired rheumatoid arthritis at age 28, and then at age 37, put it into remission for 15 years with a combination of yoga, supplements and meditation. I recognized that resolving suppressed anger was and (still is) key to my physical health.

Hypnosis is perhaps the fastest, easiest and most pleasant way to reverse negative beliefs systems and see results. In my own life, I combine it with yoga and meditation for spectacular results.

If you’re curious about hypnosis and would like to learn what it can do for you, please contact me for your free 20 minute consultation.

Meanwhile, think positive - and I mean that. It's the most valuable health tool you have.

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