Restore Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

What is Hypnotherapy?

Restore Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

How do I access this amazing, natural gift?

We seek support - not  just to relieve our symptoms, but to get our lives back, to feel whole again, to regain what we've lost, given up or sacrificed. No matter where we are in the healing process, this feeling of wholeness, this appreciation for life and support for our whole being, puts us back in the game. 

So...what if someone told you that to facilitate and accelerate your healing process, you could learn a proven technique - Hypnotherapy- that can help you tap into a natural, abundant resource already inside of you?

How do I benefit from hypnotherapy and create meaningful transformation in my life? 

Anne Doherty Clinical Hypnotist

Direct your mind to heal yourself.

Connect to your own higher power.

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can harness the power of your subconscious mind so you can rediscover health and happiness, uncover and eliminate root psychological causes, end self-sabotage, lose weight, diminish and resolve chronic pain… and more.  


When things get shaken up, we don’t just think rationally. We experience emotional and physical reactions. These challenges may remind us of something we’ve experienced before. We might think “This is how people always grieve.” “This is how I always react to fear.” “There’s no point in following through.” etc.  These reactions come from our subconscious mind, which has been programming itself from the time of our births to protect us.


But now is not then. New challenges require new solutions.  Your subconscious mind is a tremendous resource waiting for you to direct it to eliminate  emotional pain, child trauma, and acute physical injuries, or speed and enhance post-op recovery. 

As a result, even in the face of challenge, clients can experience life as an abundant gift of personal, physical and spiritual healing, growth and happiness.