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Hypnosis and the Big Three - Chronic Pain, Addiction and Weight Loss

As those who follow my posts would know, I I have used hypnotherapy to help clients in a wide variety of situations colon test taking, spiritual growth, chronic illness, and yes, even facing the possibility of death. It works for anyone who believes their mind is getting in the way of a better life. But, however clients turn to hypnotherapy for what I call the big three: chronic pain, addiction, and weight loss.

I don't always work with addiction – the client and I need to have a very good rapport, and the client needs to be well motivated and not in serious danger. That's a big three have a lot in common – and that is usually that there is something deeper lurking in the subconscious. With chronic pain, it's often a form of PTSD – the aftermath of a surgery or a traumatic event. With weight loss, the block could really be anything, And, like with addiction, there might be an important physical element that requires a doctor's input.

Rather than give you my two cents on the big three, I thought I would simply attach some useful PDFs, and those who are interested can download them. Enjoy!

Download TXT • 336B

Hypnosis for Alcohol Abuse
Download PDF • 1.37MB

Slimming Down Through Your Subconscious
Download PDF • 2.04MB

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