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Educational Videos & More

Enjoy these videos to enhance and inform your healing experience through medical hypnotherapy.

In this video, I explain the model of the mind and how hypnotherapy works. It's not magic!

Here, I dive into the many uses for medical support hypnotherapy and share some interesting/fun stories about how I've used HT for medical purposes in my own life. 

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I was asked to speak at The Celebration in Santa Fe, NM. I'm proud to say I received a standing ovation for this 20 minutes talk, called "Hypnotherapy and my Spiritual Adventure," in which I recount the life experiences that inform my practice. 

Clients doing Zoom sessions might want to  watch for ideas on how to set up for a great home session. 

Learn what really causes debilitating chronic pain and how hypnotherapy can be used to diminish it. 

Angela Marie Christian of the podcast "Her Circle" recently interviewed me about hypnosis, how I was drawn to work as a hypnotherapist, and my work in general.

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