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Author, Teacher, Hypnotherapist Anne Nygren Doherty will create the ideal workshop for your company. These workshops help improve teamwork, easily reach targets and goals, employ practical habits, and manage work/life balance in such a way that both become a joy. 
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Why a Hypnosis Workshop?


Thanks to books and movies, hypnosis is a long misunderstood psychological healing modality. The truth is it's an easy to learn and extremely valuable practice to harness for self growth.  You can check out this video for how hypnosis works - but basically it's simple. People all go into measurable trance states multiple times a day, and hypnotherapy harnesses that natural ability to change limited thinking and negative emotions into constructive thinking and elevated positive emotions. 

In Anne's workshops, she combines guided hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and light, easy yoga/movement to create spectacular results.  

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Tailored to your team/company needs

Every workshop is tailored to the needs of the group involved. Anne asks detailed (and confidential) questions to get the highest satisfaction - team history, size, goals, location/environment of the workshop, and more. 

Start by choosing from the menu of workshop ideas below or create your own workshop:

1. Team Building

2. Achieving Your Goals

3. Work/Life Balance

4. Creating Effective Habits

Then reach out to Anne for your consultation.

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