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What are Family Constellations? 

When we look at our parents, then we see that behind them are their parents, and behind their parents are other parents, and so on through many generations. The same life flows through all of them until it reaches us."  - Bert Hellinger

The Magic of Live Constellations 

What's it like to participate in one? 

Family Constellations provide a way to heal issues in our lives that may have started in earlier generations. Was there an injustice or someone excluded from the family? Were these significant events fully processed? These traumas can be passed on from our ancestors. By representing factors that have contributed to where we are now, it's possible to move toward a resolution.

When utilizing the family constellation, the therapist asks people unrelated to the client to take on roles of various family members to act out dynamics related to the client’s concerns. The therapist directs the family members’ posture, position, and words, although sometimes the activity involves minimal talking. The client might interact directly with their relatives in the constellation or stand aside and watch the interactions unfold. Through these interactions, the issue resolves to the degree it can. 

Do a deep dive HERE. 

Watch a video with Family Constellation creator Bert Hellinger HERE.

Bottom line: be prepared to move and wear comfortable clothes. While not all constellations result in deep emotions, many do - so be ready to feel deeply. Water and snacks are provided. Box lunches are available for purchase.

Our facilitator/instructor Hargopal Khalsa has 15 years experience facilitating Family Constellations.  To learn about Hargopal

Day 1: Dropping Self-Negating Tendencies and Opening to Self- Appreciation.

Are you ready to say goodbye to what isn't working? Do you work against your own interest? Or  engage in negative behavior? Do you put yourself down? Or let others walk all over you? Often these patterns started in earlier generations. And, as a child, out of love and loyalty to those who came before, we take them on. In a family constellation, through active participation, we represent family dynamics that hold the pattern, to release and heal where we’ve been stuck.


Day 2: An introduction to Facilitating Family Constellations.


In Day 2, we will experience a number of constellations as well as have an introduction to what’s involved in facilitating them.  This workshop will cover:

  • systematic laws of family cancellations,

  • the role of the facilitator,

  • the process of how to set up a consolation,

  • observing what is.


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