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Your life is your greatest treasure.

Hypnotherapy can help you rediscover life.

Rediscover Health and Well-Being

Integral Hypnotherapy is a means of achieving the best possible state of health and well-being because it inspires hope and a drive to heal. Clients experience all of life as a treasure trove of personal, physical and spiritual experiences that present opportunities for growth and happiness.

Rediscover Purpose


Healing is most possible once subconscious mental programming is cleared. Clearing it helps behavior match intentions. When behavior and intentions match, our bodies rediscover our natural potential and our souls align with their natural purpose. By dissolving the power that the past holds over us, we suddenly rediscover health, energy and optimism. We embrace life with direction and purpose.

Transcend and Transform

It’s the perception of stress - not stress itself - that stimulates the “fight or flight” stance of the sympathetic nervous system. Fear literally shuts down the body systems responsible for growth and healing. Hypnosis, in contrast, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and thereby relaxes and revitalizes the body/mind/spirit.  By altering and re-channeling stress perceptions, the mind transcends personal and cultural conditioning and connects with its own higher power.

Practical Applications

 Hypnotherapy can serve as a short cut for those with clear goals who already understand that limiting beliefs are preventing them from acting on their success.


Hypnotherapy is a perfect adjunct to Western or alternative medical practices. Use it to prepare for surgery, chemotherapy, or conception/childbirth. Use it to reduce chronic pain, stimulate weight loss, or quit smoking. 


Hypnotherapy Improves concentration, relieves performance anxiety and enhances performance. Use it for sports, public speaking, and test taking, as well as to accelerate success in sales, negotiation or finance. 


Reprogramming the subconscious alters our perception of others for the good. Use hypnotherapry to build compassion, trust, patience and communication skills. Use it to improve intimacy plus understand and relate to your partner.


Reprogramming the subconscious improves self perception. Create a proactive, positive nature by improving habits and memory. Raise self-esteem by calming anxiousness, and improving body image.

My Tools are Your Tools..

My work as a medical support clinical hypnotherapist stems from 30 plus years living with autoimmune disease. In my own search for wellness, I recognized early that managing my emotional mindset and clearing subconscious programming is the key to any kind of success. Not only do clearing and reprogramming create measurable prosperity, they profoundly help manage disease and reduces symptoms. In addition to Integral Hypnotherapy, I’ve achieved certification in Kundalini Yoga, Samonas Sound Therapy and Reiki. I’ve also worked as a creative writer and writing teacher. I’ve been helping people all my life. Now, I combine all my skills into one amazing practice that helps you harness the power of your own mind to restore happiness and well-being. 

Your Success if My Success...


I see hypnotherapy as “meditation plus” because it accesses the same calming, healing Alpha and Theta brainwaves, but uses client-centered positive affirmations - that we create together - to directly produce lasting change. My manner is non-judgmental, compassionate and fun. In my mind, I see you as already healed - and that your success is my success.


Thanks to Zoom, Anne now works internationally.

Shane Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

Anne’s voice eases me into the peaceful realm of positive change. Thanks to working with Anne, I've taken important steps for my health. I no longer feel lethargic or distracted when working. It's been an amazing transformation. I'm excited for the future. 

Maureen Drummond, NJ

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for my Hypnotherapy sessions. I wanted to feel like a better human being behind the wheel of my car. Before seeing you I was agressive while driving. I would shout and curse at drivers I judged as unaware. You guided me into realizing I wanted a higher expression of myself. You assisted me in creating action steps and affirmations. And it only took a few "incidents" for me to turn around. I feel so much better. 

Kelly Albertson, Wine Country CA

Childhood was often a mean and scary place for me. Anne spoke to me in such a way that the walls came tumbling down.  I heard her voice encouraging me as if I were a child again, encouraging me to be me.  I feel so relieved and I’m still smiling.

C. Riccardi, SC

Anne brings her considerable intellect, heart, and presence to bear on you, the client.  It’s wonderful to receive her full-on, insightful attention.  She helped me shift to something powerfully positive in my life in one session, with a self-hypnosis recording. 

Phillip Rowland, Greenfield, MA

Anne has a deep sense of compassion that comes from an amazing life experience. She is not only capable, she is very careful and considerate as well. I highly recommend her as a hypnotist and hypnotherapist.

Vince Parker, CO

I went to Anne for help concentrating and retaining information for an upcoming exam. I am confident I will do well after only one session! I'm looking forward to more sessions with Anne. She's a wonderful hypnotherapist.

Anne E. Doherty, 

CMS-CHt, FIBH  ID# F11120-680.

Ms. Doherty is a licensed hypnotherapist working out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As a graduate of Hypnotherapy Academy of America and an IBH certified Hypnotherapist, Ms. Doherty's professional training ranks amongst top 5% of hypnotherapists in the U.S.

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